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Howdy, an' thank yo' fo' takin' a closer look at our homepage (Hote'page'd haf been a better name but yo' kin't haf it all).
The front of the hotelTh' Dutch, as yo' kin ax enny Belgian varmint, is scrooges. An' on account o' we, at Hotel Prinsenhof, are Dutch, we decided t'join yo' varmints hyar on th' Web fo' th' sole reason thet e-mail is much cheaper than sendin' fax messages all on over th' wo'ld, cuss it all t' tarnation. Th' fack thet we got 5MB t'play wif an' create a hotel page was neifer hyar no' thar, but thass whar th' scrooge-part comes in; Whut in tarnation yo' haf yo' sh'd use, otherwise it's money down th' drain, as enny fool kin plainly see.

So, then yo' haf a mino' problem, dawgone it. Whut in tarnation t'"enrich" yer visito's wif? Hotel info'mashun by itse'f will not be inough t'fill 5MB wif unless yo' put photographs of ev'rythin' on th' page, includin' th' boiler room, dawgone it. Is yo' gittin' exited already? We wasn't. Af'er havin' surfed th' web fo' about a year an' a ha'f in an internetcafe hyar in Amsterdam, we haf come acrost too menny pages thet is interestin' fo' th' pagemaker an'/o' friends only. We decided thet it c'd be done in a diffrunt way too, wifout havin' t'press th' hotel publicity too much. Af'er all, we only haf 10 rooms, an' they is booked fo' most of th' time. (Varmints does come back t'us, yo' see...;))

No, this hyar page had t'be about two thin's. Fustly, of course, about Hotel Prinsenhof, an' secondly, about sumpin we love, as we come fum this hyar town, as enny fool kin plainly see. So, Amsterdam it was a-gonna be. Not in th' way as in some guidebooks, not in th' way th' Tourism Board depicks it, not in th' way yer friendly couple fum down th' road who've been t'Emsterdem kin tell yo' all about it, but wif th' eyes an' heart of a local amongst th' locals. Not sparin' th' dark sides of th' city, chantin' about th' local highlights (evah visited th' local songcontess in th' Jo'daan, wif th' mini playback show fo' kids?), givin' yo' th' answers t'the dawgoned-est axed quesshuns hyar in th' hotel recepshun an' mo'e.

Of course, these is prestigious promises. They will take time t'fu'fill, ah reckon. At th' time of writin' this hyar (Ockober 1998) our homepage is about one year old, we've larned a lot about makin' homepages (includin' how much time they take...), yet expanshun is takin' mo'e time than fo'see, not in th' last place on account o' we've had a mighty busy summer. Also, all th' photographs on th' pages is our own, as enny fool kin plainly see. This hyar takes up a lot of time as fine. Patience is a virtue as they say, an' thass whut yo'll hafta have.But eff'n yer hankerin' t'larn mo'e about our city o' th' hotel, please does come back t'our page as we plan t'be cornstantly wawkin' on this hyar projeck as time in th' hotel allers us. (Glad t'be able t'say we is busy)

Reguliersgracht, area of th' seven bridges.

Now thet yer hyar thar is a few paths yo' kin hoof it by;

Yo' kin hoof it to th' The Hotel department an' see th' rooms o' th' view
Read th' answers t'yer quesshuns in th' Frequently Asked Questions departement
Or yo' c'd haf a look at whut city we reckon we live in; Amsterdam
Perhaps yer interested in Getting around th' town wif public, o' yer own transpo't

Have a look t'see eff'n thar's someone in th' Chatroom Then thar's th' chance t'sent someone an E-Card Eff'n yo' fancy none of this, yo' kin allus leave us through our Links page, but eff'n yo' does this an' yo' haf a homepage o' a comment, whuffo' not sign our Guestbook fust.

But fust of all, injoy. Whutevah yo' does.

This hyar page is created an' fum time t'time maintained by Hotel Prinsenhof