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thanks to the people at Rinkworks

(You don't habe t' read drough all dis.)
Go straite t' de obehbiew of the, errr, contents on de bottom of dis page.

Hello, 'n dank you f' takigg a closeh look at our homepage (Hotelpage wudd habe been a betteh name but you can't habe it all).
The front of the hotelDe Dutch, as you can ask any Belgian pehson, are scrooges. And cuz webuh, at Hotel Prinsenhof, uh uh uh uh uh, are Dutch, webuh decidid to dgoin you peoble hehe on de Webuhb f' the, ERRRR, sole reason dat e-mail is much cheapeh dan sendigg fax messages all obeh the, uh, the world. De fack dat webuh got 5MB t' play wid 'n crate a hotel page was neideh hehe nor dehe, uh uh uh, but dat's whehe the, ERRRR, scrooge-part comes in; What you habe you shudd use, uh uh uh, odehwise it's money down the, uhhh, drain.

So, den you habe a minor progglem. What t' "enrich" your bisitors wid, duh...uh...? Hotel inf'mashun by itself will not be enough t' fill 5MB wid unless you put photographs of ebehydigg on de page, uh uh uh, includigg de boileh room. Are you gettigg exitid already, duh...uh...? Webuh wun't. Afteh habigg surfid the, uh, the web f' bou' a year 'n a half in an innernetcafe hehe in Amstehdam, webuh habe come across too many pages dat are innerestigg f' de pagemakeh and/or friends on. Webuh decidid dat it cudd be done in a diffehent way too, widout habigg t' press de hotel publicity too much. Afteh all, webuh on habe 10 rooms, duuhhhh, 'n dey are bookid f' most of the, duh uhh, time. GEE danks.(Peoble do come back t' us, duuhhhh, you see...;))

No, dis page had t' be bou' two diggs. Firss, of cusse, uh uh uh, bou' Hotel Prinsenhof, uh uh uh uh uh, 'n seconb, bou' somedigg webuh lobe, uh uh uh, as webuh come from dis town. So, Amstehdam it was goigg t' be, GEEEHEEHEEE.Not in the, uh, the way as in some guidebooks, duuhhhh, not in the, uh, the way de Tourism Board depicts it, uh, not in the, uh, the way your friend couble from down de road who'be been t' Emstehdem can tell you all bou' it, uh, but wid the, uh, eyes 'n heart of a local amongst de locals. Not sparigg the, uhhh, dark sides of the, errr, city, chantigg bou' de local highlites (ebeh bisitid de local songcontest in de Dgordaan, wid de mini playback show f' kids, duh...uh...?), gibigg you de answebuhrs t' de most askid kesshuns hehe in de hotel recepshun 'n more.

Of cusse, uh uh uh, dese are prestigious promises. Dey will take time t' fulfill. At the, duh uhh, time of writigg dis (Octobeh 1998) our homepage is bou' one year old, uh uh uh uh, webuh'be learnid alot bou' makigg homepages (includigg duh, how much time dey take...), yet expanshun is takigg more time dan f'seen, not in de last place cuz webuh'be had a behy biddy summeh. Also, all de photographs on de pages are our own, GEEEHEEHEEE.Dis takes up alot of time as webuhll. Patiess is a birtue as dey say, 'n dat's what you'll habe t' habe.But if you want t' learn more bou' our city or de hotel, blease do come back t' our page as webuh plan t' be constant workigg on dis probuhjeck as time in de hotel allows us. (Glad t' be aggle t' say webuh're biddy)

Reguliehsgracht, uh, area of the, ERRRR, seben brijes.

Now dat you're hehe dehe are a few pads you can go by;

You can go t' de The Hotel departmin 'n see de rooms or de biew
Read de answebuhrs t' your kesshuns in de Frequently Asked Questions departemin
Or you cudd habe a look at what city webuh dink webuh libe in; Amsterdam
Pehhaps you are innerestid in Getting around the, duh uhh, town wid public, or your own transport

Habe a look t' see if dehe's someone in de Chatroom Den dehe's the, errr, chass t' sent someone an E-Card If you fancy none of dis, duuhhhh, you can allays lee us drough our Links page, uh uh uh, but if you do dis 'n you habe a homepage or a commin, errrr, why not sign our Guestbook firss.

But firss of all, endgoy. Duh.Whatebeh you do.

Dis page is cratid and from time t' time maitainid by Hotel Prinsenhof