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Hello and welcome to the additional part of our hotelpage. We try to give you a bit of an impression of our city, hoping it will get you to feel the atmosphere a little before you get here (or refresh some memories in case you've been here before).
We strive to get this part as factual and allround as possible. If you feel we either got it wrong, or if we should lack something in this departement, please let us know and we'll make an appointment to fight it out with you.
Below is an overview of the contents in case you just want to browse, but if you want to follow the whole tour, you can Start Here

Things start, as always, with the introduction

Followed by information about parking in the city.

With a subsection on how to get here by car

And a wee explanation about the drugs situation in our part of the world.

We've also included a little history

Then there is public transport information

And also some information about the Amsterdam waterworks.

And the various Bits and Bobs departement.

Everything you always wanted to know about Queensday in Amsterdam.

And for the sailors amongst you there's the page about Sail Amsterdam.

And more will be added in due time, pay us a visit again some other day.
This page is created and from time to time maintained by Hotel Prinsenhof

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