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The Amsterdam Appreciation Project

This is our attempt to explain to the rest of the world that Amsterdam is not only the city of Sex and Drugs and Rock'n Roll.
The tendancy of the international press is in our eyes too much focused on the negative aspects of our society, whereas in the 700 year history of our city there are more subjects to pay attention to.
The windmills, the waterworks, the countryside just outside the city, the canals, the painters, the museums, just to name a few subjects are all worth mentioning and depicting as being characteristic to our city.
We do not pretend to be complete with the information we describe, but we hope a little excerpt will be enough to give you a fair impression of the other side of our culture, and who knows, maybe one day you'll come and see for yourself whether we are right. If so, you already know where to stay, of course...

Photo of The Lijnbaansgracht, looking out on the Rijksmuseum

The Lijnbaansgracht, looking out on the Rijksmuseum

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