Coming to Amsterdam by car

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First of all we'd like you to know that if you come to Amsterdam only to visit the city, your car is likely to become a burden to you.
As the city is not as big as its reputation, you will not be in need of your car to visit the museums, shops, bars (no drinking and driving anyway...) and/ or other places that might be of interest to you and your car is likely to be standing passively by the side of the road for the duration of your stay, costing you at least Hfl. 30,= per day ( See also our page about the parking situation).

A tip for people with a hire car; See if your carhire firm has a depot in Amsterdam where you could hand over your car whilst you are in town. It might even safe you on the rate!
If you are planning to use Amsterdam as a starting point for a "drive around Europe- Tour", you might want to consider picking up your car on the day before you leave town, or even on the day of departure itself (Leave your luggage in the hotel and pick it up with the car).

If, however, you can't avoid bringing your car into town, you can use the rough scetch below to navigate your way to the hotel.

The! Bank
The easiest route is from Utrecht. You enter the city crossing the Utrechtse Brug (over the river Amstel) and you just keep on driving straight ahead untill you see the Nederlandse Bank on Frederiksplein, (The building on the right that houses the national goldreserves and the odd Eurosummit). You cross the square, go into Utrechtsestraat and turn right just before the first bridge. Now you're on the Prinsengracht, and we're the fourth house from the corner.

From Haarlem you drive into town on the Haarlemmerweg untill you hit the Haarlemmerplein (with a park on your left and a big, stone gate on the square that used to be city gate to Haarlem. In front of you there is a bridge). There you turn right onto the Nassaukade and keep on driving until you see the Nederlandse Bank (description above) on Fredriksplein. Turn left and follow the directions above.

From Purmerend you arrive into town through the IJ-Tunnel. Now you have two choices. The easiest, but longer route is turn right and keep on driving straight ahead. Pass the Central Station on the Prins Hendrikkade, onto the Haarlemmer Houttuinen until you reach the Haarlemmerplein with aforementioned gate situated on your right. Go around that gate, turning right, and over the bridge. Immediately after the bridge you turn left, and you're onto the Nassaukade. Now you can follow the directions above.

The second, usually more congested choice is to go straight ahead when you come out of the tunnel, onto Valkenburgerstraat, pass the Waterlooplein (fleamarket, city hall/ opera building with public carpark) and onto the Blaauwbrug (sort of old-fashioned bridge over the river Amstel). Immediately after the bridge you turn left onto the Amstel, (street named after river in times of no inspiration) and take the first right after the passing of the Magere Brug (wooden drawbridge on your left, see photo below). Now you're on the Prinsengracht, but on the opposite side of us so you take the first left and the first left.
Once you've reached the fourth house from the corner, you can pat yourself on the shoulder and say "Bravo, I've made it."

The Magere Brug, with the Carré theater in the background.

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