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Sappnin', and dank ya' fo' takin' some closa' look at our cribpage (Hotelpage would gots been some betta' dojigger but ya' kin't gots it all).
The front of the hotelDe Dutch, as ya' kin ax' any Belgian sucka', is scrooges. And cuz' we, at Hotel Prinsenhof, are Dutch, we decided t'join ya' sucka's here on de Web fo' de sole reason dat e-mail be much cheapuh' dan drowin' fax messages all upside de wo'ld. De fact dat we gots 5MB t'play wid and create some hotel page wuz neida' here no' dere, but dat's where da damn scrooge-part comes in; Whut ya' gots ya' should use, oderwise it's bre'd waaay down de drain. 'S coo', bro.

So, den ya' gots some mino' problem. WORD! Whut t'"enrich" yo' visito's wid? Hotel info'mashun by itself gots'ta not be enough t'fill 5MB wid unless ya' put photographs uh everydin' on de page, includin' de boila' room. WORD! Is you digtin' 'esited already? We wuzn't. Man! Afta' havin' surfed da damn web fo' about some year and some half in an internetcafe here in Amsterdam, we gots mosey on down across too many pages dat is interestin' fo' de pagemaka' and/o' homeys only. Slap mah fro! We decided dat it could be done in some different way too, widout havin' t'press de hotel publicity too much. Lop some boogie. Afta' all, we only gots 10 rooms, and dey is scribblin'ed fo' most uh de time. (Sucka's do mosey on down back t'us, ya' see...;))

No, dis page had t'be about two doodads. Fustly, uh course, about Hotel Prinsenhof, and secondly, about sump'n we love, as we mosey on down from dis town. 'S coo', bro. So, Amsterdam it wuz goin' t'be. Not in de way as in some guidescribblin's, not in de way de Tourism Bo'd depicts it, not in de way yo' homeyly couple fum waaay down de road who've been t'Emsterdem kin tell ya' all about it, but wid de eyes and heart uh a local amongst da damn locals. Not sparin' de dark sides uh de city, chantin' about da damn local highlights (eva' visited da damn local beatcontest in de Jo'daan, wid de mini playback show fo' kids?), givin' ya' de answers t'de most ax'ed quesshuns here in de hotel recepshun and mo'e.

Of course, dese is prestigious promises. Dey gots'ta snatch time t'fulfill. At da damn time uh writin' dis (Octoba' 1998) our cribpage be about one year old, we've learned some lot about makin' cribpages (includin' how much time dey snatch...), yet 'espansion be takin' mo'e time dan fo'seen, not in de last place cuz' we've had some very busy summer. Ah be baaad... Also, all de photographs on de pages is our own. 'S coo', bro. Dis snatch'd down some lot uh time as well. Patience be a virtue as dey say, and dat's whut ya''ll gots'ta gots.But if ya' wanna learn mo'e about our city o' de hotel, please do mosey on down back t'our page as we plan t'be constantly wo'kin' on dis project as time in de hotel allows us. (Glad t'be able t'say we's busy)

Reguliersgracht, area uh de seven bridges.

Now dat youse here dere is a few alleys ya' kin go by;

You's kin go t'de The Hotel department and see da damn rooms o' de view
Read da damn answers t'yo' quesshuns in de Frequently Asked Questions departement
Or ya' could gots some look at whut city we dink we live in; Amsterdam
Perhaps ya' is interested in Getting around de town wid public, o' yo' own transpo't

Gots some look t'see if dere's some sucka in de Chatroom Den dere's de chance t'sent some sucka an E-Card If ya' fancy none uh dis, ya' kin always leave us drough our Links page, but if ya' do dis and ya' gots some cribpage o' some comment, why not sign our Guestbook fust.

But fust uh all, enjoy. Slap mah fro! Whuteva' ya' do. 'S coo', bro.

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