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Hotel Prinsenhof in IJmuiden!

We've finally done it...
Coat of Arms of IJmuiden

The front of the hotel
Our new hotel near the coast.
After about a year and a half's worth of demolishing, measuring, rebuilding, cleaning, rebuilding again, remeasuring, tiling, carpenting, roofing, laying the pipes and miles of electricity cable, clearing tons of debris, sanding, painting, repainting and working on the walls, the pipes and the floors some more (thanks uncle Frank) we are very proud to finally present to you the latest in accommodation fashion: Hotel Prinsenhof IJmuiden!
IJmuiden is situated about half an hour from Amsterdam Central Station by means of a super fast hydrofoil connection (see below), and offers its visitors a number of diverse and surprising
The Hydrofoil
The super fastHydrofoil
scenes. The harbours and sea locks, the large beaches, the dunes with hidden bunkers, the rich nature of its national park, its fort island, its museums and its attractive boulevard definitely make it a place worth coming back to.
The route from the boat to the hotel
The route from the boat jetty to the hotel.

All this, combined with its proximity to Amsterdam was the reason for us to venture into starting a hotel Prinsenhof outside of Amsterdam itself. We hope that you will make it worth our while just as we will try to make it worth yours.

On the following pages we'll try to give you a good impression of IJmuiden and its surroundings in a similar fashion as we've done in our Amsterdam department. We'll try to explain some of IJmuiden's history and its connection with the sea, the fisheries and Amsterdam, as well as having a closer look at its night life and restaurants. Of course,this is going to eat a lot of our time again, so you'll have to execute a little patience as there is a lot to tell you about this rather undiscovered part of Holland.
Below you see the results of what we've come up with so far.
The marina, again
The Marina, with Big Brother in the back.