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The front of the hotel
The hotel before the renovation.
We said it before; after about a year and a half's worth of demolishing, measuring, rebuilding, cleaning, rebuilding again, remeasuring, tiling, carpenting, roofing, laying the pipes and miles of electricity cable, clearing tons of debris, sanding, painting, repainting and polishing the brass toilet handle we were finally able to invite everyone we knew to the opening reception of our new hotel; Prinsenhof in IJmuiden.

From the early start of the construction we sought advice and co-operation of all the authorities that guard the safety of the general public such as the fire brigade, the water board,the building inspectors, the Food Inspection Department etc... in order to be right on top of the demands of the 21st century. This has
The front of the hotel
The hotel after the renovation.
resulted (we hope) in a hotel that meets the highest standards of today and, as far as we could foresee, of tomorrow as well. A small example of this is the water pipes. Each room has its own direct connection with one of the boilers upstairs in order to minimize the length of the water track and so reducing the risk of legionnaires'disease developing in stagnant water in our pipes. Another advantage of this is that you don't have to "flush" the whole water system before you are able to get under the shower or into your warm bath.
It would go too far to explain all these little things to you and it would make this page rather boring as well, so we'll just stick to the interesting facts that we know you like to know about our little place.

The hotel has 14 rooms altogether. Two singles, one double, one triple and 10 twins.
The bathroom sink
You'd almost wash
yourself all daylong...
All our rooms have private shower and toilet, as well as a telephone (data connection for your lap top computer), remote controlled colour television, a clock radio, one or more windows with curtains, a door for opening and closing at your leisure, a bed for various purposes, with bedside tables and lamps on them that you can switch on or off while you're in bed, table and chairs to sit on and in and read a bit or do something else at, one of those racks to put your luggage on, a wastebasket, a wash basin lit from above and with room for the little soapy we supply you with, a mirror for the morning confrontation with your good self, towels for the drying process, central heating for when it's cold, or to turn off when it's hot. Some of our double rooms are equipped with a bath (with a handle to keep you from toppling over) as well as a shower. 

One Star Prices
A single room with shower is Euro 45
A double/twin room with shower is Euro60
A double/twin room with bath is Euro65
The triple room with shower is Euro 100
Please note that the single rooms
are not available with a bath but with shower
and toilet only.
The bathroom sink
A quick splash,
or a long soak.



Hotel Prinsenhof, Wijk aan Zeeërweg 29, 1972 NM IJmuiden, Holland
Tel. (+31-255) 512 774 Fax 513 153

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