From the boat to the hotel on foot.

With the Fast Flying Ferry you can travel from Amsterdam central station to IJmuiden in just under half an hour. From the boat it takes you less than 10 minutes to walk to the hotel but we can imagine that people who've never been here before will perhaps find it a wee bit
The route from the boat to the hotel
The route from the boat jetty to the hotel.
uncertain to make their way by themselves on foot. If you think you're potentially one of those people, don't worry. We wrote this page just for you.

Let's imagine you arrive at central station after having taken a train from Schiphol airport. Instead of departing the station through the front, you walk to the back of the station and exit there. You cross the road via the zebra crossing and turn right. You'll see a small building with a sort of archway on your left after about 20-30 meters, with a small ticket office in it. That's the rederij (shipping company) Naco jetty, just the one you want. We advise you buy a one way ticket (there's only one destination; Velsen/ IJmuiden), because returns have to be used the same day. Armed with your ticket you walk to the end of the jetty, that's where the boat leaves from. If it's there already you'll have to be quick, as it only stops for a little while. Otherwise you have time to enjoy the view. We'll give you an inside tip; when you board, don't go left to where the seats are but walk to the other side of the door and turn right to sit in front and have the best view.
The route from the boat to the hotel, part 1
From under the tunnel, walk towards
where our man is calling you.
The route from the boat to the hotel, part 2
Walk past the supermarket to the house with the pointy roof (Velserduinplein).
The route from the boat to the hotel, part 3
At Velserduinplein walk towards the hairdresser's.
The route from the boat to the hotel, part 4
Having arrived there, continue just a little bit more.


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