The Sea and Harbour museum.

For sea dogs and landlubbers alike...

The IJmuiden Sea and Harbour museum was founded in 1989 in the former fishery school as the present day maritime activities and their influence on the social and economical development of the IJmond region. It's not only a static exhibition with photographs and ship models, you can also interactively steer a sea tanker, navigate and locate the position of a ship on the map table or handle the communication equipment on board. Especially youngsters appreciate this one to the full.
In the Weismuller hall there's a large collection of bottled tug boats and the possibility to wear a real (heavy) brass diving helmet.
The IJmuiden resque squad quarters
The modern quarters of the rescue squad
In the pilot and sea rescue department you can view life-size models of a pilot climbing aboard a ship as well as handsome presentation of the Royal Marine Rescue Society. There's also an extensive library here that can be visited by appointment. Furthermore there's a complete hall filled with ship's engines. Every last Saturday of the month you can see them in action too!
Two exhibition rooms have been reserved for the fishing lovers, with a clear explanation of what fishing is all about and what life on board of a fishing ship constitutes. If you so wish you can man the fish auction clock yourself too. There's a beautiful North Sea aquarium as well as an interactive model of the southern sea lock doors that you can open and close to your hearts content.

The attic rooms have been reserved for sail making, there's a demonstration of how maritime communication takes place through the Station 12 satellite of PTT telecom and there's a reflection of the history of the now closed Radio Scheveningen by means of two radio huts, one from 1939 and one from 1950.

From the tower of the museum you can enjoy a wonderful view over the present harbour, the steel mills and the houses of IJmuiden. A working radar screen gives you a good impression of the current ship movements in and around the harbour area of Velsen.

Then there's two big models of the NAM and NEDDRILL oil rigs, and by means of a video presentation you can see what happens on board of a supplier that brings goods to the platform.

The digging of the North Sea canal, which begun in 1868, was the start of the development of IJmuiden. In the history room you get a taste of how the people that dug the North Sea canal used to live. Also, there's a unique model of the mv "Rembrandt", the first ship to sail through the canal. Apparently the ship was a difficult one to steer, and therefor earned itself the nickname "the drunken painter".
The IJmuiden Harbour
The modern harbour of IJmuiden

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