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Stairway to heaven.

As we wrote in an earlier stage, we are situated in an old canalhouse. When exactly it was built we don't know as yet, but it was before 1850 as that is the year the city archives started collecting records. We couldn't trace any records about the building when we went there, so it's safe to assume that the hotel is older than 150 years (Although it was probably built as a private house at first; as far as we know it's been split into private quarters on the ground floor and a hotel from the first floor onwards, since 1954).
As the hotel has been listed as a monument, we are somewhat limited in the things we are allowed to do in (and to) the building. An example of this is the colour of the frontdoor. Only green, code Q 0.05.10 D 72 (grachtengroen, for mere mortals) is allowed to be smeared upon it, and that doesn't leave much room for interpretation.
The monument status also means that we are stuck with the old, steep stairways that were traditionally built in old Amsterdam houses (steep stairs save space, a commodity Amsterdam lacks in more departments). The photos below should show you what we mean.

As you can see, we don't exaggerate. Neither do we tell you this because we want to bragg about how
Yet another happy guest.
good we are at walking the stairs. (We're not.)
The sole reason for showing you this is that we want to warn prospect guests with arthritic conditions, bad knees, problematic physical conditions, vertigo, or just too much luggage about the terrible torment we impose on people.
From the first floor upwards, however, we have the aid of Captain Hook as you can see on the right.
Just behind the Captain you can vaguely see two buttons. The black one is for towing your luggage up, the red one is for blowing your luggage up.
Don't let all this put you off, though. A normal, below averagely fit person is able to survive a week's stay in our hotel. We've seen that happen many a time.