teh intro

thanks to the people at Rinkworks

(y0u dont have t0 read through all th1s )
go astraight to the o\/erveoiw of the dontenst on thebotTom of tHis page,

h3lo, amd t|\|x frO tak1ng as closer look 4t our Homeage (hOtelpag3 wold ha\/e been a bettername but y0u cajt jave it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
The front of the hotelthe dutch, as u ca|\| sask any belgian LaMeR, r srco0ges.. ypu are suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~ I will Hack YOUUUUUU aned bec4uSe wre, at h0rtel prinsenhof, re dutch, we deciDe dtop join u dewdz hare nt eh web fro teh solr reAsson that e-mail is much cheapar than swnding fax mess4ges all 0ver teh world~~~ i own j00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~ thef act that we ogt 5mb to play wIth sand create a hotewkl page was nietehr h3re nor tehre, But thats where teH scrogoe-part c0mes in; What ushve You shoould use, ootehrwisae irtz money down teh draio|\|

s0, then u ahvea mnro problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOL... what o enerichj yoru \/isitors 2witjh!?!?!? lolololol~~ hotel inf0rm4tion by iits3;lf w1ll not be enough toi fill 5mb wIth uNless you put photographz of evertyhIng 0n teh page, inlcuding the boiLar rom ar u gett1ng exited Alr3ady??????? lolololololoolololl \\\\////\\\\////e wERent, after hav1ng surfwd the \/\/eb for about A year and ah afl 1n an niternetcafe har3 ija mSterdam, we have come acRoszt Oo many pagest hat r interesting for the p4femakar naedo/r d00dz only,,, We decided thaT it coul dbed one 1n a d1ffernetw ay toO, iwthout haviNg To presz teh htel publicity too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ olololololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ LOOLOLOLOLO~~~~~~~ afte rall, we no7y h4ve 10 rooms, and they r booked for most of Teh tim ollolololololl~ (d00dz do cmoe baX0r to uS, u sEe,,, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ ;))

nO, tHs pagE ahd to be about two things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 come 2 my ft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 pfirstly, of course, about hot3l prisnenhof, and saecondly, about something we love, az we come from this town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 so, amstardamj it Was Going o be n ot i|\| teh way as in som3 guidebooksa, not in the w4y thetourism board depicts ir, not ni teh way ur 0d0d;y couple from down tehj road whov3 B3en t oemstardemm can tell ypo uall about it,b it wiht teH eyez and heaart of a local amongst The locals NOT SPARING TEH DARKS IDEZ OF TEH CITY, CHANTING ABOUT THELLOCALH IGHLIGHTAZ (WVAR BVOSITED THe LOCAL SONGCOMTST IN TEH JRODAAn, wITH THE MINI PLAYB4X0R SHOW FRO KIDS?!?!?!?!? ), givin gyou the answers t0 teh most asked qusetions here iN the hjotel recEoptio nand more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~

of course, tehse r prestigiouz pr0mises!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ TEHY WILL TAK3 TIM3 TO FULILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~ loloolol AT TEH TRIME OF RITING THIS (OCTOBAR 1998) OUR HOMEPAGE IS ABOUTT ONE YEAR OLD, W3\/E LEARN3D A LPT ABOUT MA,ING HOMEP4GEZ (INCLUDING HO\\\\////\\\\//// MUCH TIME REHY TAQKE... U R LAME!!!!!!!!!111 OLOLLOLOLOLOLOL... ~~~ haX0r the plnn4t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ I will ahck loloolololoololol.... ) yet expansionsi takiNg mroe time than froseen,n ot in reh laasyt placr becuz weve ahd a vary busy summ3r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ LOLOLOLOLOLOLLLOLO.. zalso, lal the photographz on twh pages r our own, this takes up a ;ot of time azw e7l,, PAtEINCE IS A VIRTU3 ZA THEY SAY, AND THATS \\\\////\\\\////HAT ULL HAV3 TO aHVE, but if you wanmt t o;earn more about oyur cIty ro the oht37, plz do come ba0Xr to our paeg az we p7an t obe contantly working on this ptoJect az tim ein the hotel all0wz uS~~ (glad to be able t osay were buSY)

regul3irgsracht, ara of teh seven brIdges!!!!!!!!!!!111

mnow that your ewre there t a few paht su ca ngo by;

you can go to the The Hotel dep4rmtent and see te room oor the v3iw
read eth answ4rs to u rquesti0n iN teh Frequently Asked Questions departement
ory ou coUld ahve a loOk at what City we tihnk \\\\////\\\\////e lI\/e in; Amsterdam
perhaps u r intersted in Getting around the t0Wn with public, ro your ow ntransprott

hsave a look to see If tehres someo|\|e in teh Chatroom tehn theres tehh cahcnE to setn spmeon 4|\| E-Card if u fancy none of this, pyou dan alwayd leaveu s thtough our Links page, but If ypou do thois and ypou h4ve a hOmepage or a commewNt, why n0T sign our Guestbook ifrstr lololololololol!!!!!

BUT FIRST oF ALLK, ENJOYT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~~ HWATEVER YOU DO,,,