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Here are a few responses;

  • Your Homepage is very informative. I look forward to staying in a room with the view of the Rijksmuseum. This will not be until next year, perhaps around tulip time. cheers j
    (Thanks J. Unfortunately we have no rooms that look out
    onto the Rijksmuseum. You have to go out and stand
    on the bridge for that, with a tulip in your hand. ;-)

  • I typed my homepage's URL in here in full because the form didn't seem to have enough room :(
    Your Hotel Page is cool!
    (It wouldn't have mattered, David, there is no restriction
    on the amount of characters you can submit.)

  • Thanks so much for the great site! I'll be staying with you for Gay Games, which I'm very much looking forward to. Y'all seem like a fun bunch -- can't wait to meet in person.
    Are you sure my whole site address fit in there? I'm not's the whole thing: It's kind of strange, so I hope you don't change your minds and tell me I can't stay with you after seeing it.;-)
    (Thanks Dave and don't worry, you're still allowed to come.
    What's this thing with not having enough room?
    Your homepage came out allright!)

  • Hello, Simen.
    (Hello Simen.)

  • Ook ik ben nog erg aan het stoeien met de opmaak van een homepage die interessant is (en blijft) voor bezoekers. dat valt niet mee..
    Succes en gelukgewenst met uw eerste schreden..
    Robert van Waning, amstelveen
    (Zo is het maar net, Robert.
     Maar met vallen en opstaan komen we vanzelf een heel eind...

  • We've just reserved rooms for March 25 through the night of April 1, and will bring my 82-year old father with us. We enjoy the humor of your site, and look forward to meeting you in person. By the way, we found you through two guidebooks originally, and only looked you up on the 'net after making the reservations by phone. George and Prilla Brackett
    (We're glad you've enjoyed yourself. Please come again.)

  • My name is Yakov I am Israeli photographer. this is my Gallery address. I would like to have your comment. I Love Holland with all my Hart, I hope it will get me close to the Dutch people as close as I can. Koby Avraham Beer-Sheva Israel Visit my fine art gallery in
    Please Sign The Guestbook!
    (We signed it Avraham, we signed it.)

  • Geweldige pagina / Great page..
    I will create a link to it soon from my pages about Den Haag / The Hague!
    (Yes Chris, that's exactly the kinda stuff we had in mind!)

  • I just want to say that your homepage is great. The rooms look really comfortable and I'm hoping to get a room there when I come visit in boyfriend is working on this right now....
    (That's fine, just don't leave it for too long or we might be fully booked again!)

  • We look forward to meeting the creator of your funny and helpful webpage. We enjoyed the tour because we were a little worried about a one star hotel. But, from what we've seen, it looks like a great place to stay!
    Rev. Eildert D. Zwart
    (Thanks Rev. Unfortunately our place is not as heavenly as yours...)

  • Love the site - really cool.
    I have one too and wonder if we can link to each other??
    Mark Poole
    (Sure Mark. Such dedication to Queensday just has to be rewarded.)

  • Perhaps your entry next?

Hotel PrinsenhofAmsterdamLinks