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Wotcher, and thank yer for takin' a closer 'ave a look at us homepage (Hotelpage would 'ave been a better name but yer can't 'ave it all).
The front of the hotelThe Dutch, as yer can ask any Belgian person, right, are scrooges. And because we, at 'otel Prinsenhof, are Dutch, we decided ter join yer blokes 'ere on the Web for the sole reason that e-mail is much cheaper than sendin' fax messages all over the bloody world. The fact that we got 5MB ter play wiv and create an 'otel page were neever 'ere nor there, right, but that's where the scrooge-part comes in; Wot yer 'ave yer should use, uvverwise it's brass dahn the bloody drain.

So, ffen yer 'ave a minor problem. Wot ter "enrich" yor visitors wiv, eh, squire? Hotel information by itself will not be enough ter fill 5MB wiv unless yer put photographs of evryfink on the bloody page, includin' the boiler room. Are yer copping exited already? We weren't. After 'avin' surfed the chuffin' web for about a year and an 'alf in an internetcafe 'ere in Amsterdam, we 'ave come across too many pages that are interestin' for the pagemaker and/or chinas only. We decided that it could be done in a different way too, right, wivout 'avin' ter press the hotel publicity too much. After all, we only 'ave 10 rooms, and they are booked for most of the chuffin' time. (Blokes do come hammer and tack to us, yer see...;))

No, this page 'ad ter be about two fings. Firstly, o'course, about 'otel Prinsenhof, and secondly, about sumfink we luv, as we come from this tahn. So, Amsterdam it were gonna be. Yer can't 'ave a knees-up wivout a joanna. Not in the way as in some guidebooks, right, not in the bleedin' way the chuffin' Tourism Board depicts it, not in the way yor muckerly couple from dahn the bloody road 'oo've been ter Emsterdem can tell you lot about it, right, but wiv the mince pies and 'eart of a local amongst the bloomin' locals. Not sparin' the dark sides of the city, chantin' about the local 'ighlights (ever visited the bloody local songcontest in the chuffin' Jordaan, wiv the wee playback show for kids?), givin' yer the bloody answers ter the bloody most asked questions 'ere in the bleedin' hotel reception and more.

O'course, right, ffese are prestigious promises. They will take time ter fulfill. At the time of writin' this (October 1998) us homepage is about one year old, we've learned a bit about makin' 'omepages (includin' 'ow much time they take...), right, yet expansion is takin' more time than forseen, not in the bloody last place because we've 'ad a right busy summer. Also, all the photographs on the pages are us own. Right. This takes up a bit of time as well. Patience is a virtue as they say, right, and that's wot yer'll 'ave ter have.But if yer want ter learn more about us city or the hotel, please do come hammer and tack to us page as we plan ter be constantly workin' on this project as time in the bloody hotel allows us. (Glad ter be able ter say we're busy)

Reguliersgracht, area of the seven bridges.

Now that yor 'ere there are a few paffs yer can go by;

Yer can go ter the The Hotel department and see the rooms or the bloody view
Read the chuffin' answers ter yor questions in the Frequently Asked Questions departement
Or yer could 'ave a look at wot city we fink we live in; Amsterdam
Peraps yor interested in Getting around the tahn wiv public, right, or yor own transport

Have a look ter see if there's some bloke in the Chatroom Then there's the bleedin' chance ter sent some bloke an E-Card If yer fancy none of this, yer can always leave us frough us Links page, right, but if yer do this and yer 'ave an 'omepage or a comment, why not sign us Guestbook first.

But first of all, right, enjoy. Wotever yer do.

This page is created and from time ter time maintained by Hotel Prinsenhof